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A new horizon for health

The knowledge and practice of medicine are always evolving. Technological innovations pose huge challenges to health professionals and systems regarding their responsible, safe and efficient use. Having access to such knowledge and discussing its practice is indispensable.

As the greatest and most important telemedicine and digital health event in Latin America, the Global Summit emerges as a catalyst, encompassing this entire ecosystem. It is not only an event, but the creation and discovery of new horizons for health, with a program focused on content, experience and business, around telemedicine and digital health themes.

The Event will comprise more than 100 hours with Exclusive content;
95 sessions with over 200 national and international speakers.

Format: VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE – 100% online;
Conferences, Panels, Lectures and Sponsor Space throughout the Event; everything happening at the same time, on a virtual Multiplatform environment.

The Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health is an initiative of Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM – Medical Association of São Paulo) in partnership with Transamerica Expo Center.

Digital Transformation at the Service of Life


Digital health may be understood as connected, continuous healthcare through digital and communication technologies.

Its global exponential growth has been determined by the COVID-19 pandemic and it will continue to expand even after the pandemic comes to an end. The digital transformation we are witnessing involves the entire spectrum of healthcare, from quality of life and promotion of health, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, including rehabilitation, through to caring for people at their homes. Telemedicine and telehealth are an integral part of digital health, and physicians and health professionals should practice them in a responsible and humanized way, centralizing care in people’s lives where, when and, whenever possible, as they want it and need it.

The digital health ecosystem is growing at a high speed, with regulators adjusting whatever is necessary to encourage digital innovation and shorten the time required for the sale of diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring solutions. Payment sources are showing greater willingness to expand coverage, healthcare providers are increasing the use of connected care services, patients are embracing the use of digital health technologies and product developers are investing in the development of new digital technologies.


Paulista Association of Medicine

The Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health is an initiative of the Paulista Association of Medicine (APM) in partnership with the Transamerica Expo Center. With a distinctive schedule prepared by the Board of Trustees, its leaders are leading names in the industry today:

Dr. José Luiz Gomes do Amaral, the Prof. Dr. Jefferson Gomes Fernandes and Dr. Antonio Carlos Endrigo.

Dr. José Luiz Gomes do Amaral Dr. José Luiz Gomes do Amaral

President of APM and Global Summit

Dr. Jefferson Gomes Fernandes Dr. Jefferson Gomes Fernandes

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Antonio Carlos Endrigo Dr. Antonio Carlos Endrigo

President of the Organizing Committee



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