Digital Health & Telemedicine in the Post-Pandemic Era

Digital Health & Telemedicine in the Post-Pandemic Era

Warm Ups are monthly events that bring together experts to discuss relevant topics about Telemedicine and Digital Health.

The objective is to maintain a broad agenda of discussions that precedes the Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health, the largest event of the sector in Latin America.

In partnership with Global Summit and the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH), the next Warm Up will connect you with several other participants from different countries, in an unprecedented global event. By freely registration, you will participate of a conference with renowned international experts from the ISfTeH to discuss with them the importance of Telemedicine and Digital Health in times of pandemic.

Who will participate in the debates

Meet our speakers

An encounter with the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH)

Claudia Bartz
Digital Health Emerging During and After COVID-19

ISfTeH (USA), PhD, RN. Advocate for health, telehealth and nursing serving on the ISfTeH Board of Directors.

Malcolm Fisk
Digital Health and the Care of Older People (Telecare and Homecare)

ISfTeH (UK). Senior Research Fellow at De Montfort University, Leicester. Member of the panel of experts to support the World Health Organization's work on Digital Health Strategy.

Dirk Peek
Digital Health: Experiences that Matter

ISfTeH (NL), MD FCCS FIPP. Board-certified Anesthesiologist. Pain Specialist. CEO TeSo Telemedicine Solutions.

Frank Lievens
Future Development of Digital Health Based on Education

ISfTeH (BE). Executivo Secretary at ISfTeH, Executive Director at Lievens-Lanckman BVBA (Belgium) and at Akromed France (France).

Prof. Dr. Jefferson G Fernandes

Prof. Dr. Jefferson G Fernandes

ISfTeH & APM (BR). Neurologist and President of the Curator Council of Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health.


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